Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Changes In International Adoption Rates

For many years, it has been a popular trend for Americans to adopt a child outside of the United States. This has been especially so for celebrities. However, there has been a drop in the rates of international adoption recently. In fact, over the last decade, there has been a 70% drop in the number of international adoptions by American citizens. There are several reasons why this is occurring. No, it's not because there has been a rise in the adoption of American children. It is also not because it is no longer an "in thing" to adopt a baby from another country.

Popular Countries Are Now Off Limits

In the past, it was very popular to adopt a child from Vietnam, Guatemala, and Cambodia. However, there have been some questions regarding there being corruption within those countries' adoption practices. As a result, the United States has now banned Americans from adopting children from these once very popular countries. Unfortunately, this means that those wishing to adopt will have to seek out children from other countries. Or, they will have to focus on adopting a child within the United States.

Stricter International Laws

As a result of the Hague Convention, countries must comply with strict adoption laws and openly communicate with not only the United States, but other countries in order to prevent the potential selling, trafficking, and abduction of foreign children.

The United States joined the Hague Convention in 2008 in an effort to reduce these horrible crimes against children. In addition, it reduces the number of illegally adopted children entering the United States. As a result, fewer children are put in danger. Foreign adoptions are also more closely monitored than they ever were before. Agencies such as AdoptionsFromTheHeart offer home studies for adoptions from these countries.

Foreign Policies Restricting Americans from Adopting

Some countries have placed restrictions on Americans being able to adopt children from their country. For example, Russia has banned Americans from adopting a Russian child and bringing the child into the United States. Some countries are doing it because they dislike Americans. However, other countries are enforcing the ban because they are encouraging adoptions within their own countries.

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