Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Bill Seeks To Change Pennsylvania Child Adoption Laws

According to Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Petri, House Bill 1526 will be extremely beneficial for couples looking to adopt if passed.

The new bill would give birth parents five days instead of thirty to revoke their consent. It would also allow potential adoptive parents to cover reasonable expenses for the birth mother and would provide much need counseling services for birth mothers who are considering adoption or who have already given their child up for adoption. 

"Pennsylvania is viewed as archaic in terms of its adoption laws." Petri has reported, "Adoptive parents are told in advance that the waiting period during which a birth parent can revoke consent is too long. This causes many to go out of state where adoption laws are more favorable."

By making changes to the law, Petri is hoping that more Pennsylvania children will be adopted.

For many, the fear of a birth parent revoking their consent leads them to seek "safer" options - either by adopting from other states or looking at overseas adoptions. This leaves many children waiting to be adopted in Pennsylvania.

In addition to this, many believe that if birth mothers and fathers are given the emotional support that they need before, during, and after giving their child up for adoption, that they would be better prepared to determine if giving their child up for adoption is the correct decision and more likely to cope with their loss after.

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