Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Different Types Of Adoption Related Counseling

Placing a child for adoption is never an easy or simple process and as mentioned on AdoptionsFromTheHeart, it's sure to raise many questions. There are many emotional factors as well as legal matters to deal with as the adoption decision is made and throughout the entire process.

There are many different types of adoption-related counseling services  available to help a person who is going through the adoption process, both as the party placing the child up for adoption and the people looking to adopt a child. Get to know more about these potential options so that you can be sure you get the help and support you need if you are looking into adoption as an option.

Options Counseling for Pregnant Woman

One of the types of adoption counseling available is known as options counseling. Options counseling is simply a session with the pregnant woman to discuss her options when it comes to her pregnancy. Abortion, adoption, and keeping the child can be topics of discussion as well as the different types of adoption (i.e. closed adoption, private adoption, and open adoption).

Pre-Adoptive Parent and Family Counseling

A family that will be taking a child into their home through adoption may have their own concerns to work through throughout the process. It is not uncommon for families to seek out pre-adoptive parents counseling and family counseling services to prepare for the changes that will occur when a new family member is added.

Play and Trauma Therapy for Children

If an older child is up for adoption rather than a newborn baby, they may have suffered trauma, have attachment issues, or other relationship problems. As such, they may require play and trauma therapy from an adoption-related counselor. These therapies involve both individual and family therapy sessions with the adoptive family to ensure that proper bonds and relationships are forged.

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