Thursday, December 22, 2016

Exploring New Jersey Adoption Laws

Countless couples struggle with trying to conceive. They get to the point where it seems like they are never going to be able to have the family of their dreams. Thankfully, there are options available to help couples fulfill their desires and have the family they want. When it comes to New Jersey adoption laws, you need to make sure you have a solid understanding of what the process entails to protect your rights.

Birth Mother

There are instances where birth mothers feel that it isn't in their best interest to try and raise the baby alone. That's when they start the adoption process on their own to make sure everything is set for when they go in and have the baby. The process can be executed 72-hours after the child is born. If the birth mother desires, she can help choose the adoptive parents.
Birth mothers can change their mind at any time during their pregnancy. However, they are liable to the potential adoptive parents for any expenses incurred that the other party paid for.

Communication With The Adoptive Parents

According to New Jersey adoption laws, there are no specifications in regards to whether the other biological parent is allowed to have contact with the adopted child. If the adoptive parents decide that they are okay with the biological parent speaking with the child, that is up to them. Technically, once the child is adopted, the biological parent has no rights to the child, including that of visitation rights. Once the biological parent has given the child up for adoption, the adoptive parents are that child's parents.
The best thing you can do when looking to adopt a child is to consult with a licensed adoption attorney. In doing so, you can make sure you know what your rights are and protect yourself. As much as you might want to rush the process along, you need to make sure things are done right to prevent issues down the road.
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