Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Busting the Top Five Myths Concerning Adoption

If you are thinking of adopting a child for yourself, or just wish to know what's true and what's not about this process, read on to find out the myths and truth about adoption below.

Myth: American babies are unusually hard to find

Reality: Well, out of the roughly 70,000 adoptions done in the U.S. annually, nearly 18,000 of them involve newborn American babies.

Myth: All children adopted from abroad are either traumatized or disabled

Reality: Adopting a healthy toddler or infant from abroad might be getting more difficult, but a majority of the children who are eligible for international adoption only have minor, special needs of correctable nature.

Myth: Adoption can take a really long time

Reality: While this is true in some aspects, there are also instances where the process is not so long. Some families have succeeded in adopting their little ones within just two years of submitting paperwork, with the process taking below a year for some.

Myth: Costs related to adoption oftentimes spiral into thousands of dollars

Reality: Adoption by average costs the same as a mid-sized car, before reimbursements and grants are included. One could in fact complete a foster adoption with only several hundred dollars in the pocket.

 Myth: Only perfect couples stand a chance of adopting American babies

Reality: Just about anyone who displays the ability to bring up children in a responsible way will be granted a child through adoption, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, profession and ability or disability among other considerations.

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A lot of what people believe about the adoption process is drawn from either what's been floated by the media or personal experience with adopted children while growing up. However, arming yourself with the truth about adoption as outlined above should begin stirring you up to consider adoption.

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